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So I just posted our 4th episode of our Zim Podcast but since the Podcast leaves no room for visuals, let me share these two screencaps from Parent Teacher Night and Walk of Doom.

These shots both really shine without me even having to point out why, but it’s always worth the time to slow down and appreciate gems like this. Not enough cartoons make use of angles, composition, and color palettes like these, mostly because it’s outside of their budget (or it’s occasionally outside of the vision or motivation of the storyboard artists and other staff) but it’s shots like this that can really remind you why this show holds up so well.


"Did you get these from Zim’s yard?"

"Well- no."

"They look like those horrible things next to his sidewalk… and I can hear him yelling about squirrels eating his flowers."

"There are lots of squirrels in his yard."




what are they doing

we will never know


swell day, buddy