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So far this is all of the default Emofuri animation Zim (or this particular model I drew for him) can handle before the program realizes a head should not be shaped like that and backs away slowly. Pretty freaking cute, though.


learning emofuri is hard. i thought i would do a oldfashioned pencil test to remind myself of why we invented emofuri to begin with and why i should learn to use it


i did the switcharound thing with graphitetroll and irkencasualwear AND LOOK HOW COOL 

they’re both so good i love it!!! animated emoji of a blushing person covering their face

(who did what is in the captions)


The gift card I received last year from my BF * U * with a ZATR behind! * u * <3



(A bit of a display kiiiiinda made to represent my excitement for the upcoming Invadercon. Don’t think I made enough crazy tho.)


nothing to see here folks just some food-eating, stomach-having humans and animals